Student Support

HERO Hub at Waikiki

Sometimes students are looking for a quiet place to play, or need a smile from a familiar staff member to help them during break times. You can encourage your child to visit the HERO hub when the second lunch bell sounds if you think they would like, or benefit from extra support.

The HERO Hub is open daily, at second lunch, in the science/art room. It is a place where students can independently access HERO Hub games/activities and interact with Waikiki PS Student Support Team. 

The intent of the HERO Hub is to provide an environment where students can have positive interactions with their peers while receiving support from adults.

HERO Hub is open to any and every student at Waikiki Primary School from Year 1-6.

At HERO Hub we have the following expectations; 

  • Always walk, never run in the room
  • Use quiet play voices
  • Everyone has the same opportunities to play with all activities 
  • Pack away all toys and activities at the end of session. (Packing away occurs at first bell.)

Please contact the front office if you would like your child to be supported to attend the HERO hub or would like any further information.