Our Aim: At Waikiki PS we aim to create confident, self-motivated, empowered learners who have an instilled appreciation of the power of mathematic reasoning. We aim to ensure that students employ mathematics to make informed, reasoned decisions and solve problems efficiently and to ensure that our students can recognise connections and continue their mathematical exploration beyond their time at Waikiki PS.

Our Plan: The Mathematics plan outlines our approach to teaching and learning in Mathematics at Waikiki PS. The plan provides guidance to teachers to make professional judgments in achieving a balance between explicit instruction, engaging hands on experiences, investigations, abstract thought processes and problem solving with ample opportunity for repeated practice and consolidation of knowledge, skills and understandings.


Our school uses WAC, EYLF and the Waikiki PS Scope and Sequence across the school. It is important that mathematics lessons are reinforced with opportunities to apply concepts in unfamiliar and authentic contexts, to practice and experience using a range of resources and to develop mathematical skills and fluency across all content and proficiency strands.

Our Beliefs: At Waikiki PS we believe mathematics should:

  • Be engaging, involving play based learning where appropriate.
  • Be hands on before it is abstract.
  • Be relevant.
  • Be sequential, carefully paced.
  • Be based on Professional Judgement.
  • Demonstrate clear purpose.
  • Be authentic.
  • Be in depth.
  • Be a whole school approach including Early Childhood teaching and learning.