School Board

The role of the School Board is a diverse one, but its primary role is to establish and review the school’s objectives, priorities and policy directions. The Board holds the school to account for its performance on behalf of the Minister for Education, the Director General of Education and the local community. In its advisory capacity, the School Board advises the Principal about the local community context and reviews the allocation of resources and funding to meet the business plan targets.

Examples of Board responsibilities include

  • Approval of voluntary school contributions,
  • School dress code and book list items.

It is a way for parents and the community to be involved in school decision making and the strategic direction of the school.

I would like to introduce the Waikiki Primary School Board for 2021:

Jennifer Forbes – Chairperson & Parent Representative

I have two children currently attending Waikiki Primary School and two children who have graduated from Waikiki Primary in recent year. For over ten years, I have been an active member of the Waikiki school community. I commenced in the role of School Board Chairperson in February 2017 and was previously the School Council Chairperson. With a background in project management and international relations, I bring to the Board skills in effective decision making, strategic planning and team leadership. I am committed to assisting Waikiki Primary School create an environment where every student has the opportunity to reach their full academic potential. I am excited to work closely with our dynamic and multi-disciplinary Board to support our school deliver the best education for our students and to promote Waikiki Primary school values in the wider school community.


Louise Hughes – Principal

I am very proud to be the Principal of Waikiki Primary School and to work alongside a wonderful group of parents and staff members who make up our School Board. I am very excited about the progress that we will make together. We will continue our improvement agenda, which is being driven by quality data and effective decision making processes with a focus on: ‘Together we LEARN, GROW, ACHIEVE, CELEBRATE in a safe, inclusive and engaging learning environment, which ensures personal academic success for all students, builds their emotional, social and physical wellbeing and inspires life-long learning.’



Katrina Roberts – Parent Representative

I am a parent of three children attending Waikiki Primary School and I have strong links with the community especially in local programs and resources that educate and support young families. I have a degree in Early Childhood Studies and have worked across a broad range of industries from mining and exploration to infrastructure, events, hospitality and health care. I bring a wide array of skills to the School Board and in turn, have a vested interest in strengthening and extending Waikiki Primary School’s involvement in the community.



Ema Roberts – Parent Representative

My family has lived in the Harrington Waters for 4 years now, and I feel very fortunate to have both of my children attending Waikiki Primary School. My professional background is in community services – my current role as a youth worker involves providing trauma informed support to some of our communities most marginalized and at-risk young people. I am passionate in ensuring that all students are provided with a safe and inclusive learning environment, giving them the best opportunities to thrive and succeed. Waikiki Primary has a wonderful community spirit – I’m excited to learn more about the school and its current approaches to education as well as having the opportunity to contribute in whatever way I can.


Helena Annandale – Parent Representative

I have been an active member of the Waikiki Primary School community for 11 years now. I have three boys who have all graduated from the school and currently I have a daughter attending pre-primary. I have now decided to become a parent representative as I feel I can be a true and honest parental voice on behalf of the school community. I also feel I would like to give back to the school that has contributed to my children’s educational development. I have personally attended local schools and grown up in the local Rockingham community. Currently I own a local business and have done for almost 11 years now. I feel that my skills as a business owner/operator such as business planning, staff management, leadership and financial planning will assist with my role. I would like nothing more than to see Waikiki Primary school lead the way in our community with an outstanding reputation for achieving the best for our children.


Angela Young – Parent Representative

I have 2 children, who both attend Waikiki PS. I work full time for a mining company as a Crew Coordinator. I am also a registered veterinary nurse and a hair stylist. I enjoy spending time with my family, especially taking part in outdoor activities. I am a crazy, animal lover and have lots of animals at home. I have been a member of the Waikiki PS School Board for 4 years and I was a member of the Waikiki Parent and Citizens (P & C) prior to this.




Monique Holland – Community Representative

I have been part of the Waikiki School Community for eleven years, this journey started with my daughter joining as a Kindy student, followed three years later by her brother, they both completed their primary school journey at Waikiki Primary. I joined the School Board in February 2020, firstly as a parent representative and now as a community representative. I bring with me over fifteen years’ experience in the mental health sector combined with a double major in Human Resource Management and Business Management. I believe that great schools are the foundation of a great community and as a board member I will do my best to ensure that we are providing the best opportunities for our children. I am dedicated to ensuring all students feel safe, heard and supported at Waikiki Primary School.


Shannon Cantatore – Community Representative

I have been a member of the School Board for five years and I was also on the School Council prior to the school’s transition to a Board in 2017. I decided I would like to be involved with the school board as my five children have attended Waikiki Primary School. I am an active member of the school community through my position as Treasurer on the P&C. I have always maintained an interest in the strategic direction of the school and I appreciate the opportunity to provide my input into different areas of the school.



Kelly Quinn – Staff Representative

I am a new member of the Waikiki Primary School Board, commencing my term in 2021. I am currently teaching Year 2 students at Waikiki Primary School and enjoy celebrating in the successes and achievements of my students. I am passionate about educating children and being an advocate for their well-being. I am excited to work alongside our experienced Board members and am looking forward to an exciting year ahead!



Gillian Aletreby – Staff Representative

I have been a member of the School Board since its inception. Previous to that I was on the School Council. I am married and the proud mum of two children and nana of six. I have been a classroom teacher at this school since 2009. Previous to that I have taught in a few different metropolitan schools and a remote school in the Pilbara. I was lucky enough to spend a year in Port Hedland in 2014 teaching with my daughter. I am excited by the positive changes and enthusiastic staff we have at Waikiki Primary School. I look forward to the coming year working alongside our great board members who bring with them a variety of skills and ideas that will benefit our school.


Lisa Arthur – Staff Representative

I have been working at Waikiki Primary School for more than 10 years, firstly as School Officer and more recently taking the role as Manager Corporate Services. I love working at Waikiki Primary School and have enjoyed meeting so many of our wonderful families. Over the years I have watched our children grow from excited little Kindy students to apprehensive Year 6 students graduating ready to go on to high school. Our school thrives on strong relationships within our community and I feel fortunate to be a part of this. I joined the School Board to be part of team that guides our school and students to learn, grow, achieve and celebrate.


Naomi Greaves – Staff Representative

I have been a part of the Waikiki Primary School community since beginning as a teacher in 2013. In 2020 I won the substantive position of Deputy Principal. I am passionate about building strong, effective relationships with all members of the school community including students, staff, parents and the wider community. I am looking forward to working with the School Board again this year, to work with this dynamic group of parents and staff members to help make Waikiki Primary the best that it can be.



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