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567Winter Carnival89Dress Like a Pirate Day1011
121314Room 7 Assembly / P&C Sausage Sizzle1516P&C Disco1718
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26World of Maths - K-3272829World of Maths 4-63012

Jun 08

Winter Carnival

Jun 10

Dress Like a Pirate Day

Jun 15

Room 7 Assembly

Jun 15

P&C Sausage Sizzle

Jun 17

P&C Disco

Jun 22

Reconciliation Walk

Jun 27

World of Maths - K-3

Jun 30

World of Maths 4-6

Jul 01

Cross Country Carnival

Latest Updates

School Council Survey

Last Updated: 12/05/2016

Engaging Adolescents

Last Updated: 17/06/2016

Pirate Day Friday

Last Updated: 10/06/2016


Welcome to the Waikiki Primary School Website!

Waikiki Primary School is located in the Harrington Waters Estate in Waikiki, Rockingham, Western Australia. 

We are a growing school community with enrolments now consolidating over 370 hard working students and over 50 dedicated staff.

From our beginnings as a ‘School in Houses’ to our fantastic new facilities and amenities, Waikiki is continuing to develop a culture of excellence and our school community strives each day to live our three key values of honesty, respect and responsibility.

All of the information you might need about our school is contained on this website, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, please just phone us and ask.

Craig Stanners