At Waikiki Primary School, our staff are vibrant, friendly, collaborative and always ready to lend a hand!

Educating children is our passion and we believe that every child is capable of success. Staff at Waikiki create a nurturing and supportive environment that cater for each of our different learners.

Our Staff 2021

Administration Staff

Principal Mrs Louise Hughes
Manager of Corporate Services Mrs Lisa Arthur
Deputy Principal

Deputy Principal

Mrs Paula Rodrigues

Ms Naomi Greaves

School Officer Ms Nikki O’Shannessy


Block 1 Staff and Education Assistants

Room 1 – Kindergarten Mrs Jenelle Blankley, Mrs Amanda Barrett

Mrs Alison Rassito

Room 2 – Pre-Primary Mrs Hayley Backhouse

Mrs Lynda Reghenzani and Mrs Christine Clark

Room 3 – Pre-Primary Mrs Jennifer Arnold, Mrs Amy Amaduri

Mrs Wendy Goffage

Room 4 – Year 1 Mrs Shelley Campbell, Mrs Amanda Barrett

Mrs Fiona Scott and Mrs Joan Crozier

Room 5 – Year 1 Mrs Carie Haskard, Miss Deanna Bell

Mrs Joan Crozier


Block 2 Staff and Education Assistants

Room 6 – Year 2 Mrs Kelly Rayment

Mrs Natecia Samuels

Room 7 – Year 2 Mrs Deanne Charman

Mrs Michelle Cole

Room 8 – Year 3 Mrs Nicole Roslon

Mrs Michelle Cole

Room 9 – Year 2/3 Ms Nicola Burkitt

Mrs Joan Crozier


Block 3 Staff

Room 10 – Year 4 Mrs Gillian Aletreby
Room 11 – Year 3/4 Miss Jessica Tatton


Block 4 Staff

Room 14 – Year 5/6 Mrs Sophie Byrne
Room 15 – Year 5/6 Mrs Jennifer Skey
Room 17 – Year 5 Miss Kiara Amaranti
Block 4 Education Assistant Mrs Donna Harvey


Specialist Teaching Areas

Music Mrs Kate Cullinane
Science – Room 12 T.B.A
Physical Education Mrs Lauren Robson
LOTE – Indonesian Room 13 Mrs Marianne Da Cruz
Art – Room 12 T.B.A
Library Mrs Jodie Welsh