School Board

I am proud to be the Chairperson of the WPS Board. My family has been part of Waikiki Primary School for 9 years. I commenced in the role of School Board Chairperson in February 2017 and was previously the School Council Chairperson. I am committed to assisting Waikiki Primary School create an environment where every student has the opportunity to reach their full academic potential. I am excited to work closely with our dynamic and multi-disciplinary Board to develop a strong sense of community within the school. – Jen Forbes

The Waikiki Primary School Board’s role is a diverse one but its primary role is to establish and review the school’s objectives, priorities and policy directions. The role of our Board is to hold the school to account for its performance on behalf of the Minister for Education, the Director General of Education and the local community. In its advisory capacity, the School Board advises the Principal about the local community context, reviews the allocation of resources and funding to meet the business plan targets. Examples of Board responsibilities include approval of voluntary school contributions, school dress code and book list items. Essentially, it is a way for parents and the community to be involved in school decision making and the strategic direction of the school.

Waikiki Primary’s School Board is not involved in the day-to-day running of the school, for example, staff performance, student assessment or issues relating to individual interest groups, and distinct from the P&C, the Board is not involved in fundraising or purchasing resources for the school.


This year the Board will oversee the following:

·         Endorsement of Waikiki Primary School Business Plan 2020 and Annual Report 2019

·         Overview and analysis of Student Performance Data – ongoing

·         Formulation and implementation of the Independent Review as described in the School Review Documentation

·         Financial approval of fees, charges and voluntary contributions – Term 4

·         Review of progress against Business Plan – end of Term 4


School Board Minutes 2020

School Board Minutes 29 June 2020

School Board Minutes 24 February 2020