School Vision & Values

Waikiki Primary School’s long term vision is out lined in our Business Plan. Our Business Plan gives direction and purpose to our operational plans, programs and activities. It addresses the aspirational goals for the school and it drives the direction of our accountability processes by outlining the milestones that the school will strive to achieve in this time. Our Business Plan can be viewed in the ‘Policies’ tab.

Strategic Intent

The Waikiki Primary School Community provides an inclusive, supportive and challenging learning environment that promotes the values of honesty, respect and responsibility. We are committed to working collaboratively to ensure our students are equipped to become responsible, active and engaged life-long learners.

Strategic Priorities

Over the course of this plan we have five priorities that will frame our work:

1. Academic Success for All Students

All students at Waikiki can achieve success

Staff at Waikiki Primary School will support each of our students to achieve their academic potential. We will strive to ensure that each individual will be provided with opportunity to continually develop their learning across all curriculum areas in every school based context. Our teachers will make decisions about learning based on analysis of valid and reliable student data and put strategies in place that closely monitors progress to ensure that our students achieve the standards we expect. Student success will be shared and celebrated with parents and the school community.

2. Quality Teaching and Leadership

Continually building a collaborative approach to improvement

Our staff appreciates the importance of developing quality collaborative practice to support each other to continually strive to improve and deliver quality, engaging teaching and learning programs. We will continue to create a positive culture of innovation, challenge and support that is focused on the continuous improvement.

3. Student Engagement and Wellbeing

Every Waikiki student is supported to achieve

We will support our students as a whole school, in cohorts and individually to give them the best possible opportunity to succeed. Our students will actively engage in their learning and demonstrate appropriate learning behaviour when they are engaged in a positive, safe and enriching school environment. We will ensure our students have access to programs that develop their academic, social-emotional and physical wellbeing.

4.Student Pathways and Transition

Ensuring a planned and logical progression through stages of learning

We will ensure that all students and families are supported at critical times on their journey through primary school. We will continue to enhance our transition processes and programs to ensure the process is a positive experience for all involved and supports students in the continuity of their learning.

5.Community Engagement and Connection

Forging strong and dynamic relationships with families and the wider community

We value the role our community plays in decision making and the direction of our school. We will continue to develop strategies that build partnerships with families in the educative process. We will continue to foster relationships with community and educational organisations to ensure an innovative and comprehensive approach to supporting the priorities of our school and enhanced teaching and learning opportunities.