Western Australian Positive Behaviour Support (WAPBS)

Western Australian Positive Behaviour Support (WAPBS) was introduced at Waikiki Primary School in 2019 and we are continuing the implementation of WAPBS throughout 2021 and 2022. The aim of WAPBS is to create a positive school climate within a culture of building student competence and achievement.

At Waikiki Primary School, we aspire to be our best, as modelled by our Waikiki HEROs:

  • Howie (Has Respect),
  • Ernie (Endeavour),
  • Rosie (Resilience) and
  • Ollie (Own my Actions).

WAPBS is being established through the analysis of data by our PBS Team and the implementation of evidence-based practices and organisational systems in order to establish safe, purposeful and inclusive learning environments throughout the school. By providing the individual behaviour and learning supports needed to achieve academic and social success for all of our students, we enable and encourage everyone to be Waikiki HEROs!

Our comprehensive matrix of Expected Behaviours identifies which behaviours are demonstrated by our Waikiki HEROs and we are developing lesson plans within the curriculum in order to introduce, model and reinforce positive social behaviour as an important component of each student’s educational experience.